2013 Foals & Horses For Sale
AMHA/AMHR Black Pinto Filly
Nostalgia's Keep The Change X J&F Shania's Painted Illusion
This yearling filly has unique markings like her dam. She has good conformation. She has dark doey type eyes. She is a medium type in the 32-33" range.
She's priced at $900. AMHR reg with AMHA pending. Her full sibling is listed below!
AMHA/AMHR Black Pinto Filly
                 XTRA HEAT
Reece's First Billion Bucks X MHR's Crystal Fawn
This is the only Reece's First Billion Bucks foal to date. This filly is refined with exotic looks. She is a show horse deluxe. She has a great neck,baby doll head,tippy ears,good color and may be homozygous. She's pictured here at 2 days old, Sept 2012 and July 2013 pic. This filly can win in the show ring. New Photos coming soon.
She's offered for $1500.
AMHA/AMHR Black Pinto Filly
Nostalgia's Keep The Change x Lemke's Crystal's Delight
This filly is small and refined. She has a showy attitude and carries herself well. She has nice coloring to stand out in the show ring. She's a very fluid mover. Her full siblings have all stayed well under 34". Will be AMHA-AMHR eligible.
Sold to Serenity Farm
AMHA/AMHR  Black Pinto Filly
Nostalgia's Keep The Change X J&F Shania's Painted Illusion
July 2013
This filly was born May 2013. She has the bright blue eyes. She also has black in her tail. She will be AMHR-AMHA eligible. She is medium built with tippy ears.
She is Sold
AMHR Buckskin Pinto Filly
Nostalgia's Keep The Change x J&S Farm's Showboy's NPT Coal
Two year old filly
This filly is a hard to find sooty buckskin pinto.
She's in the 32" range. She's rather full of herself hence her name "Sassy" She is a medium refined build. She was a late 2011 foal. Priced at $1500
New photos coming soon!
AMHR Bay Pinto Colt-Blue Eyes
Nostalgia's Keep The Change x Ohio's Mini J&S Dollar
This colt was born June 9, 2013. He's a tri color bay pinto with medium blue eyes. He's got a baby doll head with tippy ears. He's correct and medium refined type. He's very upright,flashy and attracts attention. He has a multiple color coat pattern.
He now shows his dark points on his front legs and his ears are dark rimmed. He should mature around 33".
He is AMHR eligible. His first picture is at a few hours old.  New pictures taken Sept.

He is offered for sale.
AMHR Palomino Pinto Filly (July 7th)
AMHA-AMHR Buckskin Colt with Blue Eyes
I will post photos and information on these two foals later this month.
Please Email for more Information and Photos